Mark: "Look at me daddy, I’m a chipmunk!"

One of Mark’s favorite book series is the Thornton W. Burgess Books.

IMG_9270 My Parents bought a small pile of the Burgess books for Mark this past year and we’ve been reading them, and we’ve also been reading many more from the library for the past year or two.  Much of this reading is done by Papa, Grandpa Plucker.  He comes over when Blacky (Margaret) is with Mark on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and reads to Mark in the big black chair while Margaret is scurrying around with the other two boys or is doing other tasks.  Favorite animals are Blacky the Crow, Chatterer the squirrel, Reddy Fox, Peter Rabbit, and others.

In these books, they get to learn about the animals in the lower 48 states.  In this picture, they’ve been eating grapes and have stuffed them in their cheeks so that they can  be squirrels or chipmunks.

To get this nice soft light quality in the photo, I put the boys next to our big picture window in the living room and made sure the background was not lit very well.