Elisabet Brought some presents from Spain

We had a nice day relaxing with Elisabet on Sunday.  She went to see some animals that some friends have and then went to a picnic out at Rainbow Glacier Camp.

IMG_9284 She brought house-warming gifts for the boys: red & yellow shirts that say Spain in Spanish and jewelry for Holly, a couple of tourist books on Barcelona and the surrounding area, and an apron to cook in that say Barcelona. 

She is really sweet and likes our food pretty well so far.

On Tuesday she is going to try running with the Cross Country team to see how she likes that.

Jessica Strickland shoots with only one lens;

Jessica StricklandUNBELIEVABLE!!! Check out the photo!

The Canon 85mm f1.2 – that’s her secret! (A $1400 lens, notice all the lenses are identical)  The funny thins is she has three of them–which if you know anything about cameras and lenses is pretty funny.

Of course this isn’t true.  The reason to carry more than one lens is so that you can get a variety of fields of view to both ‘crop’ the angle of view, modify the perspective, change the depth of field, and get some variability in the poundage you pack around. 

But she really is loaded to the bear here with 85mm f/1.2 lenses–which is a GREAT lens for high-end wedding photographers due to its bokeh and minimum depth of field.  I’d love to have one in my kit if I shot much full-frame stuff, but it’s got too narrow of a field of view for most of what I do–even portrait work.  If I had one, I’d use it for the natural light portraits of the bride and groom.  The truth behind the photo is she was holding a bunch of cameras for some photographer friends (according to Gary Fong who originally posted this photo).