The J6 U-Haul is on the Ferry!

It took forever to get the truck on the ferry but it’s on it’s way to Sitka as they had to retie the boat midway through the loading process.

IMG_9377 JIMG_9372ack called the other day and told me to put his 32′ moving van on the Columbia bound for Sitka on Monday, departing at 6:15 PM with one stop in Juneau on the way.  They found a 3-bedroom 2-bath house in Sitka with a garage for $1200/month, which is a GREAT deal for Sitka.  I’m really happy for them, as moving to a town like Sitka where housing is tight is a big risk and it looks like they’re being looked after.  The cost to get a 32 foot rig from Haines to Sitka, unaccompanied is $365.

IMG_9351Moving is a big expense and can really hurt a family financially if they have to move a lot especially if it is funded on credit or if an house left behind does not sell or if the living expenses in the new destination are not well researched.  Jack and Jennifer did a great job researching all the options for moving their stuff and in the end bought this used U-Haul Truck and stored their stuff in it over the summer.  When they are safely stowed away in their house in Sitka, they can either keep the truck or sell it to recoup much of the moving expenses.

I think Jack, Jennifer, John, Joy, Joanna, and Jessica (J6)  will have a great life in Sitka and that it will be a really fun move for them.