Mark’s First day of Kindergarten in the new School

Mark is now in school.  Today he went to his first day of school. He was so excited and eager to get in there to play with all the toys that he could barely contain himself.  Holly was prepared to stay the whole day for as many weeks as Mark needed it so that he would have success. 

She and Margaret wanted to send him to just a half day, but I was in favor of sending him for the whole day so that he could do the ‘free-choice’ time in the afternoon where he could go to art of have the choice of which of the educational toys to play with.

IMG_9838 Everything went as planned.  First, Margaret came over to watch the boys so Holly, Mark, and I could walk 1.25 miles to school in the morning.  I have to arrive at 8 am, and school starts at 8:30, so Mark played outside in playground for a bit before school.

IMG_9840cHe has his Bob the Builder backpack with his lunch in it, and Holly has a change of clothes, socks and shoes in the big bag inside a shoe box in case of an emergency, which is standard procedure in the early grades. 


IMG_9844c It’s the second semester in the new school for the HS and the second year for the K-8 grades in the new building.  There are still some bugs to work out, but it’s a great building and we are really enjoying being in such a nice facility. 

IMG_9844dOf course it was Elisabet’s first day of school in America and we weren’t sure when the bus was going to come by the house, so Margaret offered Elisabet a ride on her first day of school.

When I saw the converse shoes she was wearing I wasn’t sure if she would be wearing what everyone else was wearing, but it turned out that about 40% of the kids were sporting the converse shoes.  It was a typical rainy fall day.  She was a bit surprised that her classes were not all in the same room but moved around the whole day from one classroom to the next in typical US fashion.  She also had not had a combination locker before and had to learn to operate that.  I think she’ll do just fine if she studies hard and keeps up on her daily work.