Ashley’s 4oth Birthday!

We had a surprise birthday party for Ashley Sage on Friday after work at her house.  IMG_0019c

We all gathered at her house while she was out eating at what she thought was the IMG_0050c birthday celebration.  When she drove up to the house the first time, she didn’t stop but went right on around the block and came back later.

It was a really fun evening with beverages galore, food, finger treats, cake, and fun conversation all the way around.  We took the three boys and Elisabet and made an evening of it.  The boys played with toys on the living room floor, including this wild ball that people had fun putting their heads into and posing for a picture.

IMG_0060 I’m 39 now and have not seriously considered how it will feel to enter my fifth decade on the planet, but think it will probably be even better than the last ten years, which were the best, so far.  Having family and friends gathered around is really where it’s at.