Here’s another picture from the past…


Back row L to R: Christina, Jimmy, Dori, Brett, Tami, and Clay.  Front row L to R: Jack, Andy, Matt, and Betty.

0043cThis photo must have been taken in the early 80s at the Ancil Davis Farm near Belle  Plain and looks like it was taken in the summer or fall due to the shorts and general summer attire.

Tami remembers being pregnant with Missy at the time, but that seems nearly impossible, as Missy was born in June 1983, and she’s not really showing much.  Brett was still living with his parents and was in Connecticut until 1986. So, I can’t reconcile all that information to figure out a probable date.  If the date was in 1983, then that makes sense because that was the year my family spent the year in the lower 48 states while my folks spent a sabbatical in 1982-1983.

Photos are interesting as they document the way things are, and later on we can look back and see how things were.

Here’s a picture from the past… 1970

We had these pictures taken a long time ago at Olan Mills. See if you can figure out which one is me…


L to R: Jack, Andy, and Matt  Davis.  I suppose I was 10 months old or so.  We were in summer clothes, this must have been taken before we went to Alaska which was in the fall of 1970.  I was born in August of 1969.  I had big eyes back then too, I suppose one can say.  Jack still has his freckles and Andy still has the curly hair.

 IMG_0304cAs I write this, I’m at Uncle Ted’s house.  We’ve  been sitting around reminiscing and telling stories of the past and catching up with relatives from we haven’t seen in a while.  It’s good to see them again after about a year and half.  Andy is here with his three kids: Buddy, Carter and Christiane.  Jack is here with his family, the J6 crowd (Jack, Jennifer, John, Joy, Joanna, and Jessica).

IMG_0259cIn this picture on the left, we see what Andy looks like now.  He’s listening to some classical music that Uncle Ted got in the mail;  and this is his oldest son Buddy on the right.  Down in the picture below, is a picture of my dad and Uncle Ted.  Ted is working on the family tree with photos of each member of the family to display at the Funeral Monday and the viewing which is tomorrow. 



Ted has a wireless network here that allows us all to get online to do projects and keep in touch with family. Today, most of the guys went to watch a football game at Mays.

I went to the Hobby Lobby with the girls in a sort of self imposed time in purgatory, I thought, but ended up being enthralled by the painting section in general and the how-to books in particular.  Pictured L to R we have: Rhoda, Joy, Betty, Jennifer, and Dori.