Here’s another picture from the past…


Back row L to R: Christina, Jimmy, Dori, Brett, Tami, and Clay.  Front row L to R: Jack, Andy, Matt, and Betty.

0043cThis photo must have been taken in the early 80s at the Ancil Davis Farm near Belle  Plain and looks like it was taken in the summer or fall due to the shorts and general summer attire.

Tami remembers being pregnant with Missy at the time, but that seems nearly impossible, as Missy was born in June 1983, and she’s not really showing much.  Brett was still living with his parents and was in Connecticut until 1986. So, I can’t reconcile all that information to figure out a probable date.  If the date was in 1983, then that makes sense because that was the year my family spent the year in the lower 48 states while my folks spent a sabbatical in 1982-1983.

Photos are interesting as they document the way things are, and later on we can look back and see how things were.


2 Responses

  1. I have to tease you, Matt, about a comment about “she’s not showing much.” I guess if she’s showing at all, then she’s expecting Missy. If you don’t believe she’s expecting at all, then “she’s not showing MUCH” is a very funny observation, to me. Are you saying she looks a little overweight? (which she doesn’t at all, of course) (I’m trying to stir up a little trouble between cousins…just kidding)

  2. P.S. DON’T change your wording. I love it just the way it is.

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