Here’s an interesting shot!

My dad has a younger brother and had an older sister.  Here’s a shot of my dad with is older sister Betty Jo.  What strikes me about the photo is the resemblance Luke Michael has to both of them.  Dad is the one in the wagon, and Betty Jo is the other one leaning on it.

John & Betty Jo

Here’s a cropped close-up of their faces.  Luke doesn’t have the exact same face, but there is definitely a family resemblance with dad’s nose and Luke’s, plus there’s the curly blond hair.  This shot was uploaded by My dad’s younger brother, my Uncle Ted.  One interesting thing about the pictures from back then is they were just about all taken in direct noon-day sun, or similar lighting.  So the facial features are more pronounced in those photos than in the photos of today due to the this lighting.  Of course, back then, they did not have the higher ISO film that we have today, so they did what they needed to to get the shot, as we still do today.

John & Betty Jo cropped

Here’s another interesting shot of a class my dad was in way back in the day… He’s the first person in the front row, the one with the light tan shorts.

John's Class

John's Class croppedAnd here’s a close-up of the same photo centered on my dad’s face.  I suppose there are people who would say there is a resemblance here too with my boys.  it’s all quite fascinating.

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  1. That is one cute dad we have! Wish I could give that little guy a hug! That belt and those suspenders are ADORABLE!! I see a similarity to Mark Daniel AND Luke and Cliff and I both think that he sure looks like John Charles when he was a little boy too. I agree – its fascinating! Thanks for posting the pics. I’ve never seen them before.

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