A new diet: RAW food

Margaret took the boys over to her garden to pick potatoes and carrots with them and give Holly a much deserved break.  Then she brought us a nice little box full of them.  The boys had a great time picking them.


IMG_8879Since Holly is on a RAW food diet, she needed to have them prepared for eating tomorrow, which is not the easiest task, since she doesn’t like potatoes. So I sliced them up in the Cuisinart Special Edition  Metal 14 cup processor…


IMG_8880Then soaked them in ACV, Apple Cider Vinegar (vinegar that has the ‘mother’ in it, but smells just as bad a vinegar), garlic, salt, and onions.  Then I put them in the 12 drawer Excalibur variable temperature dehydrator at 135 degrees.

It’ll be interesting to see if they turned out okay in the morning.  Initially, I only put in four drawers worth, but I’m going to go back and put the rest of the sliced ones in then hit the sack.

GoDaddy dot com

I saw this video today from www.Godaddy.com, the company that I host my domain at, and really thought it was funny.  It requires a bit of bandwidth. To be honest, it’s a bit out on the edge, as far as parodies go.  It’s making fun of the 3rd circuit court’s decision to nix the fine CBS got for the Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction a few years back.  Perhaps I should not leave it up.

Let me know if you think it’s funny, or just inappropriate.  If you want you can skip along to about half way through the video and save some time.

Here’s a link, incase the video does not imbed.


I thought it was pretty funny.