A new diet: RAW food

Margaret took the boys over to her garden to pick potatoes and carrots with them and give Holly a much deserved break.  Then she brought us a nice little box full of them.  The boys had a great time picking them.


IMG_8879Since Holly is on a RAW food diet, she needed to have them prepared for eating tomorrow, which is not the easiest task, since she doesn’t like potatoes. So I sliced them up in the Cuisinart Special Edition  Metal 14 cup processor…


IMG_8880Then soaked them in ACV, Apple Cider Vinegar (vinegar that has the ‘mother’ in it, but smells just as bad a vinegar), garlic, salt, and onions.  Then I put them in the 12 drawer Excalibur variable temperature dehydrator at 135 degrees.

It’ll be interesting to see if they turned out okay in the morning.  Initially, I only put in four drawers worth, but I’m going to go back and put the rest of the sliced ones in then hit the sack.

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