One of the reasons I haven’t posted much lately is that I’ve been staying until 6 PM at school to work out with the wrestling team.  Having not wrestled in over 20 years, I’m a bit out of shape and am quite sore and tired most of the time.  Thankfully, I don’t have to go on a dehydration diet like I did back in the day, but regretably, I’m about 35 pounds heavier now (167 lbs in the mornings) than I was back in HS–and not all of it’s muscle. 

At first it was my neck that was taking a severe beating, but gradually my whole body got sore.  I think it’s good for me though.

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  1. Great for you to be working out with the crew there. I am sure they will learn a lot from you about throwing folks around. NOw, if they can just get someone to help them with the technical part. Ha Ha.

    You were always my toughest match I figure ther last couple of years. We had some great times and some tough times as well. Yeah, dehydration diet. That was crazy man. I rememebr too many times running in the back halls of the school by the shop.

    Anyway, it has been good for our family over the years. It was great fun coaching too. I am sure you will do fine there in whatever capacity you end up in.

    Love you

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