Guess who won the "Battle of the Beards!"

So, we shaved off our beards in the science room over sheets of white paper, and weighed them.  More precisely, after trimming with an electric beard trimmer so that the trimmings fell on white paper. we measured the mass of each beard.  The big shave off was on Friday after school in the Science room, with perhaps a crowd of 30 onlookers, much posturing, and plenty of good cheer.  The picture below made front page of the Chilkat Valley News.




Mark Fontenot: 604mg

Carson Buck: 360mg

Kyle Fossman: 0540mg

Matt Juneau: 0689mg

We were on teams with Mark and Carson on one team and Kyle and I on the other team so we won, 964mg to 1.229mg.  .

IMG_0131But I must admit that I did tap some hairs out of the trimmer head that were clearly not mine, as they were fluffy and red. One interesting thing you can see in the picture above, is that the only mirror we had to assist in the trimming was the shinny side of Kyle Rush’s cell phone.  Ostensibly, we won a free steak dinner, but now Mr. Fontenot is gone to Mexico for a week or so

Somehow, with him and his family in Mexico and my family here in Haines, it doesn’t quite feel like I won…






2 Responses

  1. Woo Hoo! Well done, Matt! Congrats to you and Kyle on the big win. I’d love to see a picture of you with your full beard. Love you!

  2. You the man, Davis!

    I just showed one of my flatmates the cover of the CVN. They were horrified that this was the big news of the week. If only they could see the police reports.

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