The first snow is here!

IMG_9063e We got our first snow yesterday!  The boys had a GREAT time playing outside all day in the snow today after church.  Mark and Luke sledded down the driveway numerous times, practicing turns, spills, stops, starts, and dumps.  At night, we have to put all their gloves and suit in front of the heater to dry them off.

Mark and Luke both have snow suits and love them a lot.  I think what they like is they are quick to put on, are lighter weight, and don’t allow snow to get up their backs or down into their pants. 

IMG_9064e IMG_9065 This is the third year that Mark has worn his red one, and to be honest he barely fits into it any longer.  He loves it so much, he doesn’t really mind that the pant legs come down to mid-calf.  I’d like to get him another suit that would be large enough for him to wear for the next couple years, but I haven’t found one that is not full of compromises.

There’s a new boy down the street name Zeke who seems like a real nice boy for our boys to play with.  They live in a Panabode log house very similar to ours, as a matter of fact the second story of their place is identical to our house, but we don’t have a first story on ours. 

IMG_9071eMark and Luke went out and played with Zeke for a couple hours, sledding, making snow piles, and generally having a roaring good time.  When we got there, they had three really big balls of snow and the snow was VERY sticky: probably as sticky and compactible as any snow I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of snow.

The adults helped lift the snowballs up into a vertical stack to make one of the coolest snowmen I’ve been a part of making in recent memory.

One the one hand, it looks like it’s going to be a really fun winter, but on the other hand, I may have to shovel a ton of snow before it starts to warm up again.

3 Responses

  1. Great story! We got snow here too, but not enough to make a snow man just yet. Looking forward to Thanksgiving and want to know how you are all doing there. Will call soon. Chuck comes in tomorrow for 1 week +. What features are you looking for in Mark’s snowsuit? I can look around here and see what I can find.

  2. Hey, Matt,
    These are very cute pictures! (as always) It’s so fun to hear about snow. I can’t wait until we get our first snow. And what a great snowman!!

  3. I loved all the great pictures of the kids in the beautiful snow! Although I’m glad it’s not snowing down here yet! Clayton was out playing golf on Sunday! It was sunny & windy about 60 degrees I think, still a great day. Love y’all!

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