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Top gadget inventions…  CLICK HERE!


#1: PEEK

To me, the “Peek” looks cool, it’s used to do email to PEEK at it.  I like the concept but don’t have a need for it over the winter–but hey, over the summer I could use it on the boat, if it’s cellular.  All it does is email, it’s not a phone or an organizer.


flip mino I also like the

#2 FLIP Mino

, the easiest, cheapest, simplest video camera, but am afraid it would not fare well in the Alaskan Darkness.




Stevens and Young embattled in Alaska: CLICK HERE!!

I think this may be the end for Stevens–but I’m not convinced any of his opponents would be more effective than he.  Actually, I’d rather like it if Congress did clean house a bit and get rid of the pork barrel politicians.  I’m not sure how I’ll vote on Tuesday.

How about you?

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  1. the younger the better

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