Heaven for a one year old.

IMG_0898So, what is heaven for a one year old?  Is it walking or emptying the cupboards.

This past weekend, John Caleb really started to walk with a few steps in a row.  It still scares him quite a bit, but he tries to do it when he’s not too tired.  He’s probably like most babies that way in that he learns to drop down to his little bum really quickly whenever he feels.

From the perspective of a 39 year old father, what babies really like is places that have just been cleaned up.  In the kitchen, we have the lower end cabinets filled with non-breakable things for this purpose. 

John’s favorite thing to do, besides playing ball, is to empty the lower cupboards.  Here he is with a cupboard that has just been cleaned up.


Take a good look at the clean floor and the cans and jars back where they belong on the shelves, ’cause the it won’t last long.

The lighting here is just the indirect afternoon light coming in the window (while the other boys take a nap).  One thing about having a baby, a todler, and a young boy in the house at the same time is they are rarely sleepy at the same time of day for a nap. 

Thankfully, they do basically get sleepy at the same time in the evening and sleep through the night.