Happy Birthday John Caleb

Margaret made pizza and a cake for John Caleb’s first birthday party yesterday after school.  It was a nice night, but a day early.  I wish I’d had the video camera here with us at home, but the wrestling team had the camera for their trip to Anchorage.  Oh,, well.  I like stills better than video anyhow.


Looking at the picture, I’m not sure at all what John Caleb is understanding, but he definitely enjoyed the singing of the birthday song each time as we looked at him and Holly tickled and smiled at him.  All the lights were off, with the candle giving off almost all the light, I had the flash on, but at 1 2/3 stops underexposed, as it was too dark at f/2.8 to get a good shot with just the candle light.


After the party, I went to the RGC board meeting and then to a fire call (chimney fire), then to choir practice.  By the time we got back home, it was well past the normal bed-time, and nearly 2/3 of the kids were crying.


It sure was fun to remember that day a year ago when John Caleb was born.  In many ways it was a lousy day: I was stuck in Haines, Holly was in labor in Juneau at the birth center, right near the Hospital, the snow was coming down thick and heavy, I was teaching class in the room right above the old science room that Patty Brown used to have as a classroom in the old middle school, we were very thankful that we had a plan B, for the birth: Melanie Venalbes, who was a great help, and totally there for us when we needed her, for child care, driving, moral support, good cheer, and all in the middle of the night, starting at about 2 am, if memory serves: Thanks Melanie.