Fun Club!

IMG_0167 On Saturday, Holly bundled up the boys for a swim team training session entitled Fun Club down at the pool.  When she got there, they found out that the class was entirely full! They had to leave.  Sarah Chapel was there with Dylan and she was not happy at all, but Holly didn’t mind to much.  She invited Dylan over to our house to read and then to go to Luke Club!  A newly organized swim time with us and Dylan.

IMG_0171 The boys had a great time at our house and Dylan, who is a 1st grader, showed us how he can read!  Wow.  He is a GREAT reader.  Back when I was a kid, many of the kids I went to school with could not read as well as Dylan even when they were in HS.  It was a real eye-opener to see someone so young be able to read.  I think it was really inspiring for Mark to see one of his friends read so well.  He’s a very hard worker in class and always does his best to listen and do what the teacher wants.

IMG_0178 After playing and reading, it was time for grilled cheese sandwiches, and then off to the pool.  Since Holly had four boys to deal with, I thought I better help her out, so I brought my camera and helped in the way that fathers often help.  I took the older three boys to the men’s room and chased them around the room snapping them with a towel.  Boy, do they squeal with their high little voices..

I’m kidding.

IMG_0174v Of course I would never do that as a father, but that is the type of stuff that often went on in the locker-room when I was a boy in Barrow, Alaska. You had to get good with a towel or you were in trouble. HINT: roll it up along the diagonal, wrap it around your wrist for a handle (so it doesn’t get taken from you when you’re smaller than the older age kids in the locker room), and then wet the very tip so it gives a very intimidating CRACK! when you snap it.  Looking back, I can remember all sorts of “fun” we had in the locker room.  it also helps to have two towels at all times, one rolled up and  ready to go in the locker, and the other one to use for drying.  Also, it helps if you use the longer lighter-weight towel for the “fun” towel and use the thicker towel for drying.

IMG_0192 No, I didn’t do any of that. I was a good example and mainly just helped Luke with his change of clothes in the locker then started the showers for the boys when it was time to get wet.

Near the end.  John Caleb started to shiver a bunch so the life-guard took pity on him and brought out the garden hose with the nice warm water!  Boy was that ever an attraction.  The rest of the kids had to get in there and get warm too, by then and it got a bit crowded around the hose. They were all civil though, and I saw no horseplay and no tears.

We had a good time and took our inaugural trip in the 1990 Mazda MPV that I got recently from Rainbow Glacier Camp.  It now has a driver window and new spark plugs; a new valve cover gasket is on the way, as are new rear struts for the hatchback door at the rear.

For some reason, I like to alternate the photos, one on the right, the next on the left, etc.  Do you think that’s a good way to go?  I know a lot of people don’t really bother to look at the photos anyway, and just read the text, so I think I’ll just stop putting in the text, and make the photos really big.  That’ way, people will be forced to look at the photos.

That’s a joke.