Canon G9 (or G10)

canon G9 I bought Holly a used Canon G9 to shoot pictures and video of the boys.  It’s a small size, like she’s always said she’d like to have, and it’s easy to use.  And yet it still has lots of manual controls and plenty of speed to react to changing situations. 

In bright light it’s a great camera, and in the terrible lighting we have in Alaska in the winter, I can put a flash on it just like I do with my DSLR.  I strongly recommend this camera for those who don’t want to pack around a big bag everywhere they go.  It’s a nice little responsive camera and can be purchased on Ebay for under $330, buy-it-now, which is not bad considering that it’s just last year’s model and it original sold for near $500.

IMG_0025cAfter setting the camera to what I would normally set my DSLR to for indoor lousy lighting (ISO 1600, Aperture priority wide open, single frame advance, flash with -1 stop flash exp comp), I gave Holly the camera and she shot this adorable picture of John Caleb that really captures his essence in the way only a mother can.  While I can find fault with the photo technically, it’s more fun not..  It’s better to enjoy his little smile, with his four front teeth.  For web photos, the image quality is fine.  What really makes this type of shot possible is that the camera reacts fast enough to take the shot.  If you’ve ever photographed little kids, you know how easy it is for the camera to cause this type of shot to be missed.

Probably the thing I like best about the camera is that it can shoot video easily.  In this video below, Mark has been given the task of putting the water on the table.  Luke, after trying to grate the cheese, and  finding that quite a difficult task, has decided he wants to help with the water as well.  This is quite typical. 

I shot the video at 640×480 resolution and then uploaded it straight to google video with no modifications at 111MB, which YouTube will not allow, as that is over the 100MB limit.  Go Google. 


I suppose this is a typical snapshot of what happens near dinner time.

In summary, if you want a little camera that should last for years and years that is really sharp, stylish, small,  reacts quickly to changes, and shoots stills or video, I recommend the Canon G9 if you’re on a budget, and the G10 if you can afford to pony up the extra $100.


And don’t forget to add in a couple of fast 16GB SDHC Class 6 cards with along with an SDHC reader (note the SD readers in many computers will not read the SD High Capacity cards used in the latest generation of cameras, but check your computer’s specifications first).  Video really eats up the gigs.

Also, be sure to tell me if you want more videos or less.