Christmas Letter 2008-by Holly Davis: 12/1/2008

CLICK HERE!!  to see the actual PDF of the beautiful Christmas letter Holly wrote using MS Publisher, formatted for printing, but size optimized for web delivery.  If you don’t want to download the 400k file, read below.  Also, there are a few additional pictures below that did not fit the format of the 2 page Christmas letter.  We printed the final letter at the Library, gladly paying their $0.50 per page, which is probably a good deal for both parties.  Also, note that I took all the pictures and put in the background image of the letter.


Februrary – One of my favorite days this year was the Valentine’s Day party at our house for the little ones. These are mailboxes. We made Valentine cards and cookies, sang songs, and read stories. I loved it.

IMG_0757 Spring Break – This is the picture I found from our spring break. Yes, this is our house. Yes, we stayed in it. Brrr. Right about this time I started planning a trip to Mexico for spring break 2009.

My mom says to mention Matt is still teaching and taking photos, I’m still librarian-ing, and Mark has started kindergarten.


IMG_0356 March – We did a St. Patrick’s Day party with a re-enactment of the story of St. Patrick, and lots of green food…

The boys liked the part with the giant cardboard box/boat in the living room and cardboard swords. It was more swash-buckling than the Valentine’s Day party. In the picture above, it looks like the boys are ready for their spring haircuts. Except for John Caleb.

IMG_8432cSummer – My brother John (above right) came home from Norway and played a little soccer (he’s with Chandler Kemp), hiked Battery Point with us, and just hung out, playing horn and relaxing. I liked it. His nephews liked it a lot, too. John’s quote for the summer kind of sums up how I feel about the whole year. He said, “Holly, I can see you’re doing everything you can, and Matt, too, and Mom and Dad, but… it’s just not enough.” So true! Then he went out and picked up trash in the yard. He said he found some he’d dropped there three years ago.

IMG_5395 c

Mark, John Caleb, and Luke in May dandelion fields.

IMG_8526cMark learned to ride a bike! Don’t mention the color. It was my brother, John, who said take off the training wheels. I said no. It turned out he was right; Mark was ready!

Matt signed Mark Daniel up for tee-ball this summer. It was best when Matt was home with us. You can see the moral support needed for the first time at bat. Sometimes Matt was fishing or at teachers’ conferences in Nashville or Anchorage. davis-3-iC

The fatherless tee-ball experiences were not so good for me. (Picture an angry woman with two little kids trying to chase down the third kid and make him stop running away, stop crying, and play ball.) On the other hand, Mark loved soccer.

Family Fourth of Julyclip_image002 pictures in the

picture in the trees by our house. I love the Fourth of July in Haines… the parade, the foot races in the park, the fireworks at night. True, it’s not really dark enough for fireworks until 11 P.M., but I still love the festivities and small town celebration.


For Labor Day we drove to Whitehorse’s Takhini Hot Springs and splashed in the hot water with the children. It felt wonderful. Warming up in the hot water the next day after camping in a tent that night (John Caleb’s first tent experience) felt even better, except for putting on the cold, wet bathing suits from the night before. The nights were really cold, even in September.


My dad took us sailing. Luke is helping steer.

IMG_9033On of my favorite hours of the week is teaching the 0-6 year olds’ Sunday school class. There are about 10 kids, including our three, and about 5 adult helpers (mostly mothers). We sing, we dance, we tell stories, and do art. This is Jacob, Mark, and Haley singing in their rock band.

(below) December—Mark (age 6) just lost his first tooth!

IMG_1010I’m also leaving out that my Grandma Madsen (94) and Matt’s Grandma Davis (92) died this year. Matt and I are headed to see all the family we can this Christmas vacation. We saw the Sitka relatives at Thanksgiving, which was wonderful, and we enjoy being near my parents year-round in Haines. They both help us out so much, playing with the boys, bringing fresh bread, teaching Mark piano lessons, and more. We are thankful.

If you go to the previous day, down below, you can see what the printed version of this Christmas letter looks like created in MS Publisher and saved as a PDF.


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