Swimming at the Haines Pool

Yesterday, Holly took the boys swimming by herself because I was at the Fire Department’s annual dinner.

Mark and Luke elected to go to the men’s bathroom by themselves instead of going through the women’s room with their mother, as they often did in the past.  It was a point of pride that they could manage by themselves, and from what I can gather they cooperated quite well and got along well too.

They did everything they were supposed to all by themselves, they did their clothes, used the locker, used the shower, then headed out to the pool to wait for Holly and John Caleb to come out of the women’s changing room. 

The lifeguard saw them standing by the yellow steps shivering patiently while waiting for their mother to get into the water and whispered to them what must have seemed fairly obvious to him, “Boys, you forgot your swimsuits.”

Two bare bottoms hurried quickly into the changing room and returned in short order with their swim trunks on.

Some stories are best with no pictures.