Luke had a bad fall onto a sharp object which put a big lump on his head and cause him to scream loudly.  He did not pass out but cried all the way up the stairs at the Horn’s house.  He looked terrible and laid in his mother’s arms for a while as limp as a noodle.  After a bit, I took a turn holding him and he promptly threw up all over himself and me.

The poor little guy.  He’s so dear.

I checked his pupils and they seem to constrict and dilate rapidly when the light varies so I think the blow wasn’t too bad. But we came home and put him straight to sleep.

Keep him in your prayers.

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  1. sweetie!!! We got Holly’s message tonight and we will make sure to be praying for Tiny Luke. I hope that he feels better soon – keep us posted. Tell Holly that the Wives and Daughters movie at the Haines Library is a set of 4 VHS tapes. I will reimburse you for the priority mail postage – thanks for your help!

  2. Bless His little heart. . .Sounds pretty scary to me. How is Luke doing now? He will stay in our prayers for this special hard time.

    This is my first time to get this far trying to make a comment. I wonder if it will work???? If it does, I might try to figure out how I did it????!


  3. Hi, Matt & Holly,
    I’d at least give his doctor a call to make sure. I don’t know if maybe vomiting is a sign of a concussion? Guess I could have looked it up before I posted! But I do know that losing consciousness is a sign, and it’s good he didn’t, and also that funny pupils is a sign, and he didn’t have that, either….so those are good things. It’s also good if the lump sticks out rather than going in. 🙂 If you’re worried, I’d call to make sure….but if you’re like me, you don’t want to make an unnecessary doctor’s office visit. 🙂 Rhoda

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