Moose nuggets, Beautiful snow on the trees.

IMG_3420 Today when we went out of the house, we were surprised to find that a moose had gone down our driveway and left a deposit in our driveway right where the passenger door behind the driver.

In Alaska, we call them moose nuggets, because they are nugget shaped and come from a moose.  As you can see in the picture, there was only about three feet of space next to the car where the moose walked, and as they are tall, huge animals, there was probably not much room on either side of the moose. 

The most popular vehicle in our hilly town are Subaru’s since they are All-Wheel-Drive and quite economical to both purchase and drive.  Bob and Margaret have one that is just beyond Mark in the photo.


Our walk to school is quite beautiful on days when there is Sunlight. Right after I took this picture, a moose crossed the street right by the crosswalk sign on the right.  You can just see it in the next photo when we reached that street.