What time is it, Mark?

Our oil tank which feeds oil to our one source of heat, the Toyo stove, is covered with snow and there is a huge snow cornice hanging out over it as well.  Delta Western, the local oil delivery company, called the other day and said they could not deliver us any more heating oil until the snow is cleared, as it looks dangerous.

I was going to shovel it this morning before I left for school, but I forgot.

On the way to school, as Mark and I walked away from the house, I remembered about the oil tank and looked back towards the house and contemplated running back to shovel it off really quickly.

Without thinking I said, “Mark, what time is it.”

He said, ‘Daddy, I don’t have a clock.’

Then he said, “And, I don’t know how to tell time.”

Upon further reflection he said, “And, when it was time to leave the house I didn’t look at the clock because I was thinking of other things.  So I have no idea what time it is.”

I thought that was a pretty good bit of logic for a kindergartener.