Brother time!

Sometimes the boys fight a lot, but other times they play for extended periods cooperating and having fun.  Holly says that girls try to find ways to show they are similar when they play.  It seems like boys are always trying to find new ways to show primacy.


This picture was taken with Holly’s Canon G9 using the flash.  I didn’t really have time to let the camera adjust to the humidity of the bathroom–hence the foggy appearance.  This is the only camera we’re taking to Mexico.  I’m pretty uncomfortable not taking my 40D DSLR along with a raft of f/2.8 professional zooms, a flash and assorted diffusers, but I think the boys and my back will thank me. Plus the G9 does video–BAM!

John Caleb washing dishes?

I was washing the dishes the other day when I stepped away for a while.  I came back to the sink to find that my helper was having a great time. 


The only real down-side was he was still wearing a brand new diaper.

Recently, Holly noticed that some of her friends who have clean houses have husbands that help out a lot around the house in the evenings returning things back to ‘normalcy.’  Now I’m vacuuming a lot more and doing the dishes more.