Mazatlan Dump with La Vina

2 Responses

  1. Hi Mateo!! I am so excited to have gotten to see your pics and log of Mazatlan! I am so thankful for that time together.

    The pictures and log are well written, and it is fun to see the beautiful pictures of that special week. I am looking forward to seeing the pics you loaded on my camera – maybe soon. I have unpacked my new computer, and think that would be the best thing to do with it first.

    I would love to see you all – just looked at the dump video – did not see any others yet. but was glad to see it. You got some good angles and great gurgling water noises in that hot place.
    Grace and Peace,

  2. what a neat bunch of posts! I just had time for a quick scan – I’ll have to be back to read more soon! great sunset pics. funny story about the greedy ticket lady. sooo good to see mom and dad in the pictures – miss them!!

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