Happy Birthday, Luke!

IMG_0012c IMG_0005cWe had two parties for Luke this year.  One on his actual birthday with just family down on the sailboat on the day I got back from fishing and a second birthday down at the cruise ship dock with two other families that have three kids each.

We thought it’d be fun to get the boys some sling shots, although in truth, Luke is a little young to be shooting a sling shot, except at the beach so Mark and Luke each got matching sling shots to use only at the beach. Bam.


They’re all pretty good at smiling on demand, especially if Holly is standing right over my shoulder being herself. 


The fourth year is an important year, I suppose.  You can see in Luke’s hair a spot where he got a hold of some scissors when no one was looking.


The cake was made by Margaret.  There was a big chocolate cake with a number of cupcakes, and also a lemon cake with icing.








We had hot dogs and chips, with some pop.  IMG_0050

I like regular hot dogs, Holly always likes to eat a veggie dog, Sara Chapell brought some spicy chicken dogs.  My favorite buns are the fluffy wonder hot-dog buns.

Luke got a picture frame, pair of home-made pants and a little remote control car which runs off of some sort of a little internal battery that is recharged using a 4-pack of AA batteries.


When the party was winding down, Holly got out the party favors, and the kids blew bubbles and started heading for the cars.


The younger kids seem to have equal fun making bubbles and chasing and popping them.


Holly gets out her special markers for him and they spend about 15 minutes working on the words and the pictures in Mark’s “Beautiful Book.”   It’s one of the many things Holly odes to make sure Mark keeps advancing during the summer, rather than falling going backwards.


So after the party right before bed-time, as he has virtually every day this summer. It’s always pretty interesting to see what things he’s thankful for.  Each page starts off with, Thank you God for, and then has his favorite things for the day.  Mark does some of the writing, and Holly does some of it.


At the end of the day, Luke was pretty tired, but it’s tough work being four.