Look at us JUMP!

Here’s a fun video of the boys jumping off the steps at church.



One of the reasons I like the little point and shoots, is that they often have a video feature.  I just don’t think this moment would be the same without the motion and the audio.  Tell me what you think.


It was one of those days

Parenthood is a tough thing sometimes.

Today I was watching the boys while Holly went to her health screening. 

First I had to get rid of the source of a BAD MOLDY smell in the boys room—which I’d discovered by using a flashlight and checking under the bed—A cupcake that had outlived its usefulness.

Then I assembled a Lego Bionicle for Luke so he could play bionicles with Mark.

Then my folks called to chat and wish Mark a Happy 7th birthday.

When Holly came home, I was relaxed and talking to my folks on the phone lying on the big bed, so she assumed I’d done nothing because she discovered this in the kitchen:


Well.  Sometimes a picture is worth a dozen words, or is it 10?  I can’t decide.

She didn’t tell me she left a carton of eggs out on the counter.  Now she tells me that eggs work better in a recipe when they are at room temperature.  I guess this type of thing just happens with kids sometimes.

075I apologize for the quality of the photos in this post.  I only had a P&S camera at my disposal and the lighting was dim—I didn’t have my super-wide zoom, either.  Plus my subject was skittish.


After we got somewhat ready for dinner, Irene and Izak came over for chips-n-cheese, cake, ice-cream, and the opening of presents.  Izak is not going to be here for Mark’s birthday so they wanted to come by and have a mini celebration before the left.

Mark was pretty excited to get his present, because it’s his favorite type of toy right now: Lego Bionicle. 


By the way, he actually requested that he get an orange crown with glitter on it for his birthday.  When was the last time I actually requested a crown (in my favorite color) with glitter on it for my birthday, at least metaphorically. 

It’s great being a kid.

Heck.  It’s even great being the father of a healthy, beautiful little troop of boys.

Daddy, you’re bad!

Today was supposed to be a busy day because I was going to go fishing while Holly watched the boys and took them to church and organized the Sunday school classes for the pre-k and 1-3rd grade classes. 

She went early to get everything ready, since John Caleb was sick and had been sick all night, although he had no fever.  I stayed at home to watch the boys but was quickly distracted…

So, I started to update the files on my new photo computer (HDX18T), Luke Michael came up behind me and said, “Daddy, you’re bad!” and proceeded to spank me in his four year old way.

“ONE!” spank.

“Two!” spank.  Chuckle.

“THREE! spank. If you’ve spend much time around him, you know he can have a REALLY loud voice.

“FOUR!” spank.  Laughter…

“FIVE!” …

Etcetera.  I continued to work, a little baffled by the fact that I was working on my computer while being spanked by son number two, but not too concerned because at least he was having a good laugh, plus Mark’s birthday is coming up this week…

Finally, I heard a “TEN!” spank, then he laughed said, “Daddy, you’ve been bad.”

At this point, I was curious, because he was insisting that I’d been bad, so I asked him, “Luke Michael, what did I do that was so bad?”  I kept looking at the screen.

He smiled  and said, “Well, you fed a sick boy oatmeal, and then he threw up all over the floor!”

Startled, I turned around, and immediately saw three huge piles of it right in the middle of the floor, with John Caleb standing over the smallest one looking confused.


I guess I’m a great dad.


A new household cleaning tip from: Yours Truly.

One new and really exciting way to get the lint out of the corners in the kitchen is to use a propane torch.

The torch has several advantages:

1) I can tell where the lint is because it actually lights up as it burns

2) I can see which rooms have been “cleaned” because they are full of smoke.

3) It really gets everybody in the house excited and ready to pitch in so the rest of the house does not need to be “cleaned.”

4) After just a single time of cleaning with the torch, all I need to do is announce in a loud voice, “I’m about to “CLEAN” up the lint!” and I find that the rest of the household is ready and eager to pitch in.

Many hands make light work.