Daddy, you’re bad!

Today was supposed to be a busy day because I was going to go fishing while Holly watched the boys and took them to church and organized the Sunday school classes for the pre-k and 1-3rd grade classes. 

She went early to get everything ready, since John Caleb was sick and had been sick all night, although he had no fever.  I stayed at home to watch the boys but was quickly distracted…

So, I started to update the files on my new photo computer (HDX18T), Luke Michael came up behind me and said, “Daddy, you’re bad!” and proceeded to spank me in his four year old way.

“ONE!” spank.

“Two!” spank.  Chuckle.

“THREE! spank. If you’ve spend much time around him, you know he can have a REALLY loud voice.

“FOUR!” spank.  Laughter…

“FIVE!” …

Etcetera.  I continued to work, a little baffled by the fact that I was working on my computer while being spanked by son number two, but not too concerned because at least he was having a good laugh, plus Mark’s birthday is coming up this week…

Finally, I heard a “TEN!” spank, then he laughed said, “Daddy, you’ve been bad.”

At this point, I was curious, because he was insisting that I’d been bad, so I asked him, “Luke Michael, what did I do that was so bad?”  I kept looking at the screen.

He smiled  and said, “Well, you fed a sick boy oatmeal, and then he threw up all over the floor!”

Startled, I turned around, and immediately saw three huge piles of it right in the middle of the floor, with John Caleb standing over the smallest one looking confused.


I guess I’m a great dad.


One Response

  1. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! That is hilarious!!! I can just picture it all happening!! That Luke. And that tiny John. ahhh. Poor little guy. Love you all!

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