Look at us JUMP!

Here’s a fun video of the boys jumping off the steps at church.



One of the reasons I like the little point and shoots, is that they often have a video feature.  I just don’t think this moment would be the same without the motion and the audio.  Tell me what you think.

4 Responses

  1. You’re absolutely right! The moment would have been at least somewhat missed had this not been recorded on video. Then again, your pictures and commentary are always so complete and well done that I have never felt that I missed out in the past.

  2. How precious is that! You’re right it wouldn’t have been the same with pictures, I love seeing how they’ve grown up so much! Love you all 123

  3. I had so much fun seeing the boys jump and the pics of the the birthday crown!! I’m homesick for all of you!

  4. It was so fun to see the boys jump!! I was somehow worried that Mark was going to push John off!! Of course he was a good big brother! Luke’s jubilation was great, too, as was the spendid orange crown!! with fabulous grin!

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