Luke Michael starts Preschool

The other day, Luke started preschool at the Chilkat Valley Preschool.  When he came home he was very excited and had obviously had a wonderful day.  He said to Holly, “Mama, there was a new boy in school today.”

Holly said, “Oh, really?” Holly was very surprised to hear that there was a new boy, because she knows all the younger kids in town and things like this rarely get past her. “Who was it?”

Luke smiled, “The new boy was me!”

The next week, we were sitting ‘round the dinner table relaying our daily stories and I asked Luke, “Luke, what did you learn in school today?”

He frowned and looked at me, “What?” he said.

I took the more direct route, “Luke, what are the first three letters?”

Without a moment’s hesitation, he said, “L-U-K!” and smiled really big.

I was surprised and about to correct him, as everyone knows the first three letters are A-B-C, when Holly interjected quickly with her normal demeanor, “That’s exactly right, Luke, those are the first three letters of your name.

Kids are cute.


Church Choir

Soon & Very Soon.


Goodbye Halloween!

 The lonely pumpkin on the handrail tells the story of yesterday.


We got a lot of snow last night.  I just barely got the bikes and other outdoor toys put under the house.  I’d say there’s 10 inches on the handrails.  The shovels are out and we’ve used them a few times already. 

We just haven’t found the winter gloves yet.


Yesterday at church, I wore myself out in a snowball fight in the ‘recess’ time between the church and Sunday school time.  Turns out, I’m not in shape for running, dodging, and bending down to scoop up snow like I used to be.