Mark (7) sings Silent Night

I was lying in bed this morning reading up on MS Home Server when I heard what you’re about to hear (and see) coming in from the living room.


This year in 1st grade, Mark learned the ukulele from Mr. K and Linda Moyer for 15 minutes a day in school: C, G7, F Music is pretty cool.  He’s also learning to find the songs and follow along in the songbook when we sing in church. Thanks Mr. K & Ms. Moyer, Ms. Kitayama, and Mrs. Davis.

3 Responses

  1. Mark!!! This is wonderful!! Thank you for your great singing! Keep up the good work!
    Aunt Betty

  2. Every time I see this I love it more and more!! Way to go Mark!! Love, Sara

  3. Mark that is so beautiful!! I love that you are keeping the Davis tradition of loving to sing!! And you play so well. Thanks for getting daddy to make a movie to share with all of us! Miss you guys.
    Cousin Tami

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