We Love our Glacier Bears!

Front row: Devin B., Kyle F., Austin H., Caullen T., Austin B., Chris O., Ann Fossman.

Back row: Easton H., Jessie P., Tyler S., Kyle Rush, Logan S., Erik K., Mark McNamara, Steve F., and Parker Schnabel.

 Davis Boys Bball state 361

We took the whole HS out to the Ferry terminal and met the boys basketball team back to town after they won the State Championship.  The American Legion handed out flags and brought a truck with loud speakers to play, “We are the champions,” while the pep band was not playing.

I’m not sure who made the 32’ sign that hangs across main street, but Tom Morphet asked me to ride with the team to shoot the parade and get out to take a picture of the boys sitting on top of the HVFD Engine #1.  I was standing on the hood of the school bus behind the tire truck to take the picture. We can fit the whole HS into two buses.

Mario 376 

Mario Benassi took most of these pictures, as I was in the band.

Mario 386

The band played the standard songs, the school song, Final Count down, the Hey song, etc.  I got stuck playing the Tuba.  The weather was so bad and the snow falling so fast I had to shake the snow off my music stand three times in order to see the bottom staff. We just left the trap set in the back of the truck so we could set-up and break down faster.

Mario 381 

Due to the weather, the ferry was late by about 1/2 hour it seemed. Many different people made signs and held them up


Mario 378

The receiving line

Mario 383

Patrick Henderson gets the spirit award for the day, braving the cold and snow painted green.

Mario 389


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