I bought two trucks in two days. Weird.

I needed a truck to move my stuff around in the summers, and I didn’t want to spend too much on it, so I asked my brother Jack to find a truck for me.  Since he’s in Sitka, he found a truck for me there.


He originally found a really nice looking Chevy that his neighbor owned, but it turned out the frame under the pick-up bed was all rusted and rotted out.

Looking around, he found this truck for me: 1989 Ford F-150, 4×4 wheel drive with manual locking front axel hubs, with 112,000 miles, but a new engine was installed three years ago, originally from Arizona, so no rust to speak of.


The paint looks real sharp, the anti-rust coating along the bottom looks like it’s doing its job, there’s a bed-liner, a tool box in the back, and three tie-down fasteners on each side of the bed, it has a stick-shift transmission, has some sort of a lift kit, bug guard and window rain guards, and virtually brand new tires on aluminum rims.

IMG_3397 After I’d put the truck on my insurance policy and sent Jack the check for the truck, I started working out how to get the truck to Haines from Sitka.  After checking with the Ferry, it turned out that the next ferry that went from Sitka to Haines that had room for my truck was more than 60 days from now. Bummer. I didn’t want to go to Juneau to drive the truck onto a ferry.


Then I happened to see Alan Heinrich at the district office, and asked after the truck he had for sale, he said it was still for sale, I could take it for a test drive if I wanted to here it is: Davis Family 062

It is a 1991 Ford F-150 with 87,000 miles and a super-cab (extended cab with a bench seat for kids, but no back doors for them), 7 foot bed with bed-liner, , aluminum running boards & mud flaps, automatic transmission with overdrive, 4×4 wheel drive with auto-locking hubs on the front axel, the paint isn’t as good as the white truck primarily on the hood where the paint is wearing off down to the primer, the front tires are a bit worn, and unevenly at that, but on aluminum rims. I decided to buy it nonetheless after a brief test drive, as it’d be much better for hauling boys around town, should the need arise.

Davis Family 057

Jack agreed to buy the white truck in Sitka from me (in other words, not cash my check). Turns out the more he shopped for trucks in Sitka the more he realized he wanted one and had been kind of not wanting to keep it to use to haul stuff to the house he is going to be building in Sitka anyway.

Davis Family 030To me, the odd thing is this is the first automobile that I’ve actually bought on my own, in all my years of driving cars.  My first car, I bought from my brother Andy, a 1983 Toyota Cressida 4-door luxury sedan, The next one was a 1991 Toyota stick-shift pick-up truck with a white topper (which I totaled when I hit a downed tree my second year in Haines), then Dad bought my black Toyota 4 Runner in Indiana off Ebay, then Jack bought the Subaru Legacy in Anchorage for us a few years ago.

In order to inaugurate the new truck, we thought it’d be good to haul some brush.

Davis Family 059

So, now I have a vehicle to haul my gill nets around in (about the size of a 4x4x4 foot box and weighing about 550 pounds). The next step is to get my 5 1/4 inch sockeye net off the gillnetter and load up my 6” dog net for the coming gillnet opener.

As a footnote, liability insurance on this rig for six months costs $106: Can’t beat that.

Thanks for the PJs

We received three sets of matching Pajamas on Friday from Papa John (Matt’s Father). They have camo bottoms

Davis Family 228

Here’s a a picture with some fill flash turned on.

Davis Family 242

Thanks G’pa John.