First day of School!

Today was the first day of school for grades 1-12. Kindergarten starts next week. Every year I try to take a photo on the first day of school. This year, I missed the walk to school, so I had to take a picture at the playground where the boys were playing.

First Day of School Picture

Here is the first picture I took. The boys waned to flex and show off their guns, but when I told them that I wasn’t going to take a picture like that right now, John Caleb started to melt into tears.

Davis Family John Plucker 052

This is the picture the boys wanted to be have taken.

I told them I’d take a ‘muscles’ photo after we shot the regular photo, and John Caleb cheered right up.

JC just learned to take off his shirt, so he’s always looking for a chance to take off the shirt, so whenever he gets the slightest bit warm, he smiles really big and says, “I’m getting hot!” to warn us that he’s his shirt is coming off!

I suppose we’re all like that when we learn a new skill, we want to show off.