Delayed Trip to Sitka

P1020349We were bumbed that the Fairweather was cancelled for our trip to Juneau on Saturday, but had the Kennicott to look forward to on Sunday evening. Bob & Margaret arrived at 6:30 AM on Sunday and reported that the winds were at 67 knots at Eldred Rock.

At Church on Sunday the boys looked great in their new shirts, well as good as boys look when they’ve been playing all morning and having selected their pants without guidance. I guess I’ve always figured that boys in particular should be concentrating on playing and getting along rather than being fastidious about their appearance.

P1020341I’d cut their hair on that morning. it was bad enough fighting with John Caleb as I cut his hair with the Flowbee. But I was shocked and horrified when, as I was cutting his bangs, he jerked his head forward, nodding his head.


You can see the result in this picture to the right with the uneven bangs, especially right above the right eye. One wild thing about the whole hair-cutting fiasco is that he still looks really cute, perhaps especially because of the toddler looking hair-cut.

The Kennicott is a great passenger vessel and there were tons of Hainesites aboard. We had a great time. The movies were Toystory 3 and Santa Clause, Mark sneaked into the theater. Wow. P1020350I really liked the theater in the Kennicott as it has a sloped floor with regular theater seats in it—although a bit shorter in the back than I prefere, it makes me want to build a room with a theater in it, although we watch about 2 hours of screen time a week.


The Cafeteria opened up at 6 PM and the best buy I found was the Frechetta Pizzas for $1 each. Wow. I’d like to have that for lunch every day.

P1020363As soon as we got to Juneau, we sent Holly ahead to check get on the stand-by list for the Fairweather the next day at 8 AM. We were bumbed that the Fairweather trip was athe next day in the mornign and we’d missed out on our Costco run and Juneau shopping, but the car was pretty much full anyway.

Getting up at 5 Am to leave a hotel for departure is never really fun, but it’s even less fun when on stand-by

P1020371We used Price-Line to secure a room in Juneau for $65 a night plus tax, but then we messed up and didn’t get the cancellation insurance for $5 per night so we paid for two nights.

One of the best things about leaving Haines is the sunsets. RARELY in Haines is there a decent sunrise or sunset, I took this picture from the back of the Kennicott with my little Panasonic DMC-Z7S, which is  fine for casual family shots and really nice for sunsets as it has a 12x power lens.


The Fairweather really is a beautiful boat. I just wish they’d spent less money on the sunroof and wood floors, and the glossy paint, and more money on the thickness on the metal on the bulkheads on the bow so its runs wouldn’t be cancelled SO FREQUENTLY in the winter. I’d much rather have a stout plain looking boat that is dependable and consistent than a fancy boat that has so many cancelled runs.


Holly brought along plenty of books to read to the boys for the 5-hour trip to Sitka, which really beats the  nine-hour length trip to Sitka on the the slow ferry. The movie playing in the kids room was How to Train Your Dragon, which is a great movie and gets my whole-hearted recommendation with not only great action, flight scenes, and cinematic beauty but a great message as well. The flight scenes are reminiscent of the flight scenes in Avatar. Wonderful. Exciting Flight scenes.


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