Lunar Eclipse: Photo by Ron Horn

On Monday night, all over the Americas, and in Alaska, specifically around 9:30 or so there was a Lunar Eclipse. Here in Sitka the skies were clear, the lake near Betty’s house is frozen with almost no snow at all, so the town is out there skating around all day. In the evening there was a whole crowd out there skating and watching the eclipse of the moon.

I tried to take a good picture of the moon using my cheap little point and shoot with no tripod, but it was no good.  I wish I’d had a tripod and my 100-400mm L f/5.6, but oh well…

20101220-3022 Lunar Eclipse

Here’s a shot that Ron Horn took: 700mm ISO 200, f/5.6, 1 second.

Be sure to tell Ron what a good job he did on this shot.


One Response

  1. The image was taken at 2000 ISO not 200.

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