We went on a little drive out to Letnikof Cove today after church. It was a glorious sunny day and everyone was getting along in the car.


Whereas it was quite windy, it was nothing like the last week’s wind, and the boys were all smiles as they played on the dock-floats that have been pulled for the winter.


With the boys getting along in the back seat, and everyone happy, Holly and I were in smiling at each other. She said, “I’m thinking we’re going to have to buy that minivan we’ve been dreaming about sooner rather than later”—if the we want the drives to be filled with harmony, was the unspoken text.


The ice build-up on the waterfalls is getting pretty amazing. Here’s a picture of Mark Daniel to give the ice some scale.


The boys went down to the water’s edge and played on the tiny surf a bit and actually spotted a lot of dead fry of some species on the rocks and then scores of them drifting along with the tide.


It was pretty cool. We need to go out there more—and I need to learn more about the local fish.


Here’s Mark with some of  the dead fish—never mind about the bad exposure—I was using my Lumix DMC-ZS7 Point-n-Shoot. Which is the perfect camera for this type of outing with its 16x optical zoom and HD video.


JC had a good time too.

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  1. These are such great pictures! What a fun outing, too. I almost felt like I was there, enjoying the icy falls with the guys. They are so cute. I always appreciate your blog. Rhoda

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