Water Pressure is dropping in Haines

P1030288Last night there was a large volume break in the water system of some sort. At this time, it looks localized to me and is near the Post Office.

Currently,  we still have a trickle of water and we’ve filled all the large containers in the house. I also went down to the boat and got a blue five-gallon container for drinking water—the type that is often used for roadside or canoe camping. Incidentally, the type that I think would really be nice for folks to have over in Japan during their displacement time right now.

To me, and I’ll admit I know almost nothing about the water system it looks like the flow of an 8-12 inch water line dumping into the ditch just southeast of the PO, and pouring into the block that holds the PO, the Eagle Foundation and Dusty Trials.

Our City water people and other employees are down there digging down into the frozen ground to investigate and repair the break situation.  These are well trained hard working folks that have a can-do attitude. So I would not be surprised if they figure out a way to stem the flow soon. One of my favorite things to photograph is people working hard to succeed in harsh conditions. I haven’t done much of that lately, thankfully, due to good planning and what seems like good infrastructure here in Haines.


Above ground, there is not much to see unless one looks in the ditch.

I just checked the water flow and it seems to have increased almost back to the normal level. Cool.

Mark was not feeling on-top-of-the-weather this morning, so Holly stayed with him during church and we swapped off for Sunday school.

Museum: Movement and Art in the Classroom


On Friday, we went to the Sheldon Museum for the opening to their latest show by Kerry Cohen and Irene Hofling.


It was really fun. A combination of art and photos that involved the grades k-2 at the Haines Elementary and also students at Mosquito Lake.


My favorites of the show were the colorful paintings.


I really liked the shapes.


Also, I really liked that Mark had been involved with some of the creations and that he’d had a fun time them. Regrettably, I cut his hair recently and lopped of a bunch of the fun curls accidentally with the Flow-Bee but he still has a great smile.