Museum: Movement and Art in the Classroom


On Friday, we went to the Sheldon Museum for the opening to their latest show by Kerry Cohen and Irene Hofling.


It was really fun. A combination of art and photos that involved the grades k-2 at the Haines Elementary and also students at Mosquito Lake.


My favorites of the show were the colorful paintings.


I really liked the shapes.


Also, I really liked that Mark had been involved with some of the creations and that he’d had a fun time them. Regrettably, I cut his hair recently and lopped of a bunch of the fun curls accidentally with the Flow-Bee but he still has a great smile.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the new pictures. Hope the water situation for Haines clears up soon. I love the art stuff Mark experienced. The kids made some very interesting artwork–the kind I can look at for a while and feel like I’m looking at beauty and movement. (I didn’t know how else to explain what I meant by “interesting”–sometimes that word comes across as a negative. lol) Mark’s hair still looks cute, and I know from experience that the curls will be back in no time. :0) Rhoda

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