Trip to Seattle

We had a nice Ferry ride, probably the most beautiful trip to Juneau since the time the Wings pilot flew over the Mendenhall Glacier on a sight-seeing tour. The Ferry was full of Haines folks leaving for spring break and/or the Gold Medal Basketball Trounament;  and the Holly played with the kids in the cafeteria.


Mark and Luke have been having fun playing Battleship, and they’ve convinced J.C. to carry the game in his backpack. He’s happy to do it. So that he can be one of the big-boys.

There was a beautiful moonrise too, with the full moon huge on the horizon over the mountains, which show up ever so lightly, at perigee. The photo did not turn out too bad, considering it was from a point-n-shoot: Lumix DMC-ZS7, with a 12X Optical zoom and a 16x intelligent zoom—whatever that is.


We stayed at the Extended Stay Hotel, got to sleep at 10:30 and back up again at 5 AM.


Today, Mark and I sat over the wing and I got to explain the fundamentals of flight too him as we watched the wing: thrust drag, stabilizers, lift, gravity, rudder, jets, etc. It was really fun showing him what we could see from our first row seat above the wing.


We had lunch at the food court in Seattle. We all shared a mondo Burrito from Quedebas, or some such.


The we heard from Jack that Jessica was swimming in Time Trials at the all NW


Here’s the same picture zoomed out wide and flipped vertical. You can just make out the three adjacent 25m pools in this huge aqua center.





We go to the zoo tomorrow. And whereas it’s odd not to have my big  DSLR & lenses, it sure is nice not having to lug so much gear around.

I guess the most memorable part of the trip, so far,  was going through the security check point in Juneau.

Holly had given all the boys a pep talk about what we were going to have to do: stick together, empty pockets of metal, take off all our coats and take off our shoes and put them in the big plastic bins along with the bags, go one-by-one through the metal detector. And she even explained how they might get the magic wand if they made the machine go beep. The boys were nervous..

And the boys were serious.

Holly was leading the troop, I was taking up the rear.

We were taking off our coats, as we walked along the long table, and emptying our pockets. I took my eyes of Luke for just a second to see how the other line was progressing and felt my foot accidentally hit Luke’s heel. Down he went like a swirling baton, all his stuff went a clattering. His shoe came off under my foot. Bam, he hit the ground, just catching himself with his hands before he did a face-plant.

But the kid did not miss a beat.

He quickly reached down and pulled off his other shoe, grabbed his coat and backpack with his other hand and bounced back up with a smile holding both shoes in his two little shaky hands.

I wanted to give him a big hug.

But there wasn’t time. And my arms were full.

“Good job Snook (that’s his nick-name now). You bounced right back up.” I said, as I put my laptop bag under my arm so I could hold out the hand to take his shoes. I put his shoes in a tote and gave him ‘five-on-the-side’ and he turned and strode in his little boy-going-to-be-a-man-someday stride right to his spot in the queue for the metal detector.


If I’d fallen down like that in the security line, I’d have been embarrassed and mortified. And I shudder to thing what some of the other people in line would have gone through, some were not so stable or nimble on their feet, and might have even been injured in a fall like that.

I can’t quite but it into words. But something but his actions show a level of sincerity and desire to do the right thing that really made me thankful for him and for people like him. People that do their best even when it doesn’t go right all the time.

He’s a hard working little guy.


2 Responses

  1. Sweetest little Snook!!! Thanks for writing that all out! You are such a good writer, dear Matt. How wonderful that you guys had the opportunity to cheer for OOT (chuck’s nickname for jessica – short for ootagu) in Seattle! I love that you were able to teach Mark about all the fundamentals of flight on your trip as well – that comment made me LOL!
    Love you all!!

  2. Hey, Snook, way to go! What a little man! All of the boys are very sweet and well behaved. We really enjoy all of them! Rhoda

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