Fun time at the Zoo

We went to the  zoo with Holly’s cousins Myra and Molly and most of their four kids. Luke Trautman had a birthday party to go to so he stayed with dad. We made PBJ sandwiches and made a day out of it. Myra took us to the adjacent free parking which saved us money too. We had a double and a single-wide stroller to haul our stuff and keep the kids happy when they got time. All-in-all, Myra and Molly had a bunch of tricks and tips that made the day at the zoo very enjoyable (pack a lunch, bring a stroller, bring extra treats, park on the cheap, bring sunglasses, bring a bunch of long stout walking sticks, and juice the kids with sugar when they start to get tired and sit back and enjoy the fighting.) The last two tips were of course not part of the day, but are my attempt at humor.


We took a bunch of pictures like this one on the hippopotamus. Each of varying degrees of success.


The Lion was in top form. Posing, growling, and otherwise strutting his stuff.


The PBJ was supplemented by Juice boxes, nuts, cookies, and cheddar bunnies.


The bears were a favorite too, Although I missed the one swimming in the water by just a few moments.


The Jaguar was in top form, pacing around all over the pace, it took me ten tries to get this shot due to the shutter-lag and relatively low fosuing speed on my pany point-n-shoot. I shot a bunch of video but we can’t get it to upload on the road.


At the dead-end on the end of Myra’s Street, there is an adjustable height basketball goal that the boys like to play at. We closed off the day by going there.


Next we’re off to visit the Scotts in Sequim.

2 Responses

  1. sounds like you guys are having a great time on spring break! Good job, blogging, Matt! Mom has an adjustable height bball goal just like that one here on the farm. Your boys will enjoy it when they come this summer. great pics at the zoo! Love you all!

  2. Looks like a super fun time at the zoo! Love your tip on sugar them up and enjoy the fighting. Great tip. 🙂 Rhoda

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