Can I take out the nozzle, Daddy?

Tonight, Mark Daniel wanted to be the one to take the gas nozzle out of the filler spout after we filled up at the gas station. Luke had been the one to insert the nozzle so Mark was fighting his way in to pull the nozzle out. After pushing Luke aside, he then forgot what he was doing.

He then made the fairly straight forward mistake of squeezing the filler handle to maximum flow and then removing the nozzle from the tank fill tube. Of course the safety flapper in the tank fill tube on the car activated instantly sealing off the tank, causing a huge spraying gush of unleaded gasoline to splash right into his eyes, nose, face, neck, and body, drenching his hair, shirt, and pants with 87 octane. This lead to a great deal of loud screaming, flailing, and panicking amongst all present. It was a huge mess, unparalleled in my experience at any gas station.

We got out a water bottle which quickly ran dry, and held his head back to rinse the eyes, of course he was yelling and thrashing about and I was trying to hold him still so I could pour water on his eyes. He was trying hard to close them. Then I was using both hands to scoop the water out of the courtesy windshield washer fluid station, there on the fuel island to splash it on his face. There’s gas on Mark, on me and on the ground. He’s screaming and crying. I’m thinking, parenting is not for the weak of heart.

Finally Holly threw a towel down on the car seat for Mark to sit on and we raced home and put him in the tub. Two hours later as he went to sleep he was complaining he could still smell the gas, and was pretty sad because he wasn’t going to have any friends any more, since he stank.

Of course Holly looked at the bright side: at least nobody caught fire! We could have had an explosion and killed everybody. It’s a good thing we don’t smoke…

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  1. I’m a little late on commenting, but this is sooooo funny!!!! This is one of those moments when you still have to say “Thank you” because the guys were “helping”, or at least had a willing heart. Poor little guy!! I’m sure his friends are back now that he doesn’t smell like gas anymore. Yes, and I’m also glad neither of you smoke. Rhoda

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