Go little pink clothes! Go!

Holly has been washing clothes for the last few days, as we have finally moved into the new house. After being packed in boxes for six weeks, some of the clothes needed to be freshened up.


When she poured this pile of pink, purple, and red clothes onto the bed for folding, I just had to cheer for them:

“Go little baby pink clothes! Go!”

In my estimation, these pink clothes are the definite under-dog in the race to which set of clothes will be selected to be on the starting team when the time comes. We already have three boys and the blue, brown, and green clothes are sitting confidently on the shelf.

It’s not that I wouldn’t be happy with another boy. We love our boys. But it would be nice if Holly had a girl, I think.

What do you think?

4 Responses

  1. Woo-Hoo! Go Team Pink! Dad is going to LOVE this post, as it does, of course, harken back to the story he once wrote of the, “Little Pile of Pink.” Of course we are stoked, just like you are, for boy or girl …. but …. we are rooting for pink over here too! Go, Pink, Go!!! I love that you showed Holly and baby in the picture too! Looks GREAT! Keep up the good work! Love the pictures and love the posts! Love the blog and most of all the blogger!
    Auntie Betty

  2. Yes, Matt, I think it’s fun to cheer for the underdog. I’m also very happy we got our girl, even though we love our boys just as much! We would be doing the same for the blue pile if you had all girls! And, yes, I agree heartily that you will love the baby no matter what color clothes you’ll be keeping. 🙂 Rhoda

  3. Woo-Hoo for pink I say too! I first thought I missed out on an email saying we were definitely having a girl! We do love your boys but I know how much both of you would love a sweet little girl! Just like Betty LouAnna said I know how much your Dad & Mom wanted her. Love you all can’t wait to see which pile of clothes win…..I think PINK! Love, Tami

  4. Good stuff. Welcome to Meg. Love you.

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