Our new family picture

Here we are dressed up for Christmas Eve Service. We stayed in Haines, as we’ve been quite busy lately. We got the boy’s tuxedos off Ebay for about $24 each: Ring Bearer tuxes for weddings. I guess we lsot Mark’s tie and I need a white shirt.


When we bought the latest tux, I forgot to find one with tails for Mark, so his has a standard cut jacket and no vest. The idea is that we’ll just hand them down as each boy is done with his and we’ll only ever need to buy one per year.

2 Responses

  1. Wonderful picture!

  2. Oh yes, and photo credit to Betty Richter.
    As I recall, Cliff should also get his fair share of the credit as I believe he may have been behind me dancing like a monkey with an action figure on top of his head. You can tell he was up to something – just look at John Caleb. Those eyes don’t lie.
    Holly – you look so elegant in this picture!

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