We had a dinner party!

We invited the Hansens, the Greens, and the Mackowiaks over for dinner, which is a lot of people. There were two birthdays to celebrate and quite a bit of lasagna to eat. The kids sat at the big table and played the telephone game, the adults (mostly) sat at the other table.

In our other house, there’s no way we could have hosted this group for dinner.

Holly worked hard all day making the food and it was a wonderful evening. I think Shannon brought the bread, and the other families each brought something, but I’m kind of fuzzy on the details.


The kids got along great even though they ranged from 18 on down to 7 or so at the kids table.


I have to admit that one of the things I like best about the new house is the dinner table. Its made from solid oak, with metal rack  pinion gears, it’s 42 inches wide and expands from 5’6” to 9’6” with four leaves that stow under the top of the table on two shelves.. And the best part about it is that we got it used on Craig’s list in Juneau and it was a really good deal.

3 Responses

  1. my favorite part is that Holly has kids ranging from ages 7-18 eating off antique desert rose dishes that most people just hang on the wall!
    3 John 1:8
    “We ought therefore to show hospitality … so that we may work together for the truth.”

    • We have five of the original plates, then we got the 15 other ones off ebay for about $8 a piece. We need about 30 more, it seems. The original ones from England are a bit thicker than the others. It’s really easy to tell the difference only when they are stacked, looking from the side like in the cupboard.

  2. Super fun party! Looks like a lot of great kids, too.

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