Baptisms in the Lynn Canal

Mark and Naomi were baptized in the Lynn Canal today.

First they answered some questions from Pastor Ron in front of the Church.


And also the congregation answered some questions.


Then we went down to the river to pray… (actually the Lynn Canal). Holly led the singing and people actually sang as they went down to the water right near the large cruise ship dock at the main beach in town that has sand, where we usually have our baptisms.


Naomi was baptized first.


It didn’t seem too cold.


Then it was Mark’s turn.





The Green Family:


The Davis family with Bob and Margaret:


Afterwards, we had a wiener roast on the beach with chips and other fixings.

5 Responses

  1. Super Awesome, Mark!!!! We love you!

  2. Mark! This is so wonderful! Uncle Cliff and I are so happy and thankful that we can now call you our brother and our nephew! THIS is a day to remember! A day to mark in your memory as a way post where you chose THIS DAY who you would follow, praise, worship, and rely on to save you ALL DAYS. and all nights. and all mornings. when your way is hard. when your way is smooth. when you’re tired and weak and when you are rested and energetic. God will be your strong arm to lean on all the days of your life and your commitment began THIS DAY! Praise God! We love you, brother-nephew.

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