Jawhorse is cool.

I used my Jawhorse to hold my lawn mower up while I figured out where the gas smell was coming from: the air filter was stuffed with oil and gas.


I cleaned the air filter with a 5-gallon bucket and some Evergreen, then put the air filter in a Ziploc bag and added a tablespoon of oil and then cleaned off the air filter with a paper towel using a lot of squeezes. The mower doesn’t stink up the shed near as much now.

2 Responses

  1. jawhorse? tell me more. what is this? is it 2 saw horses that you can clamp a piece of wood between to make a table?! Is this what I could buy cliff to put his mitre saw on so that he doesn’t have to use the tail gate? is it cheap? is it sold on amazon with free super saver shipping? do tell.

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