Meg is in her booster chair!

We didn’t want to do the whole high-chair thing again, as we’d already given our old high chair to someone and it was such a pain to clean anyhow, so we looked at other options.


We just got out the little booster seat that we ordered from a couple months ago which straps into any old chair. One strap goes around the back of the chair, another goes around the seat of the chair, costs around $20 on Amazon w/ free shipping.

The tray easily snaps on and off with the little brown tabs that secure over the red tabs on the chair.


One nice feature is the eating tray snaps off and goes in the dish washer and also has a translucent cover that snaps over the food. it’s easier to eat without her grabbing at my food all the time too from my lap. What we usually do is put some little spoons or toys in the tray, as the only food we’re introducing at this point is, for some reason, sweet potatoes. Next week it’s bananas or some such-a much more practical food if you ask me, as it does not need to be cooked and has some hope of being digested. The sweet potatoes came through with no change, same size, same color, well.. I did not check the taste.