Two most vibrant factors in your day-to-day existence…

Here’s an interesting thought I read recently…

IMG_9922The two most important factors in your day-to-day existence are: 1) your finances and  2) your weight. 

This my seem superficial. But if you think about it, when you can’t pay your bills and you can’t fit into your clothes, it ruins your day. 

I always like to make fun of the superficiality found in the the public eye: in the media, in our lifestyles, and in advertisements. But when I think about the things that are portrayed on a daily basis and the methods used to sell things, we mainly see two types of people in ads: people who are beautiful and who have money: Beauty and Wealth.

The beauty thing, in America really boils down to what things, as portrayed by the media?  Help me out with some comments here.  And likewise, how does the media get at the financial component of well being with its imagery?

IMG_0015n So here’s the logical conclusion of this argument:  1) eat healthfully every day and 2) spend less than you earn.

What are your thoughts on this?  Is this the key to happiness?  What’s missing here?  I could go argue either side of this with and it’d be fun, but it’s time for bed.  Tell me what you think by clicking on the comments section.

I read this on Gary Fong’s site the other day the other day, by the way.  Also, in case you were wondering, the juxtaposition of the text in this post and the content of the photos was purposeful.

Life is good

The last two days have been idylic.

I’ve gotten home from work and everything has been (just about) perfect.  The house was clean, the kids were happy, the meal was planned and nearly ready to go, the towels were ready to be folded…  it was all peace and love.

Two nights ago, we had home-made pizza.  Yum.

Last night, we had home made macaroni.  Yum.

Another cool thing is that the Cross Country Album has arrived and I’ve sold two more of those.  I really like doing the albums, because they are a really cool finished product and a fun way for me to be creative.  If you haven’t seen any of my albums, please take some time to check out a couple…I still have to make two custom alubms and then order one more.

I need to do a cost analysis on this next album and see if it was worth the extra time if I sell x number of albums.  I like making them, but at least once so far has not been worth the extra effort.

Too many Pictures

Sunday, May 28, 2006

So, I had a parent tell me tonight that there really are too many pictures on my site.  And honestly I had to agree.  She said she really just couldn’t look at them all, and I had to agree, there are just too many pictures to look at.  She said sometimes she starts too look at them and just gets discouraged, and I had to agree with her, “Yeah, I said I wouldn’t look at them all either.”

It was an interesting conversation.  Really, I do know there are a lot of pictures there, but to be honest, people buy the oddest pictures–pictures that I’d never have thought people would buy.  She was wondering how many I’ve sold like that, since it’s such a pain to look through them, and I had to tell her the truth: I’ve sold about 8500 photos in the last year and a quarter on shutterfly.

It would be nice if there were an easy way to organize the pictures in a cost effective way.  I can’t think of a good one right now.

Here’s a site that sells event photos of marathon runners: but take note of their prices which start at 14.95.  I really don’t think that is my market.

I do hope that people interested in my photos will find it is enjoyable to look at them, but know that sometimes that’s not the case.  At really fun events, often I look at the pictures numerous times and enjoy them each time.  This was definitely the case with the 12th night pictures and also with the weddings I’ve shot recently, and it’s true of pictures of my boys and family trips on which we’ve been (plus I have a lot of pictures of Holly).  It is these types of events that are really the most fun to photograph, the ones where the pictures bring back the memories and keep them fresh in the mind.  I like that (when I have the time–which I don’t have right now).

What I really like to do is design photo albums for these special types of events-but this type of product is inherently expensive with the genuine leather cover and the archival, acid-free paper, to say nothing of the color balanced and clean images I have to take in order to make the albums look nice.  What I really like about them is the finished product, that just smacks of quality from beginning to end.  I pick up the book and I can tell it’s a work of art.

Some albums I’m going to make when I get the time are: A Cheer/Dance album, and a Cross Country album of the 2005 season.  I will definitely make time for the wedding that’s coming up, and hope to have a link to it here on the blog.

By the way, blog is short for Web-Log.