The days are getting longer: Time for a Trip to the beach!


IMG_1598If we pretend really hard, we can imagine we have a nice, warm, sunny beach with soft hot sand and a snow drift twenty feet high…

The weather has been impossibly beautiful  out here in Haines lately.  The wind has been out of the north, bringing in the cool air from the interior so the skies have been clear and the sun bright.  The days have been stunningly beautiful, but quite chilly.  It was below twenty on a few mornings lately.

IMG_1600 We simply had to go to the beach and give the boys some run-around and throw rocks time.  Having boys leads to that type of activity.

John Caleb is really thriving, he is starting to vocalize a bunch when surrounded by family and in a familiar setting and he’s gaining weight fast.

Physically, he’s gaining skills everyday.  Just today he started pushing his torso up to nearly 90 degrees, which is really good for a four month old according to the baby books we have on the shelf.

Luke is really learning to communicate well too and is getting his point across when speaking.  Although we have not made much forward progress on the potty training since we had him at the day care center with Kim Larson: she’s a miracle worker when it comes to potty training.

In other news, I went to the doctor to get his opinion on why my knee has been hurting and he things I have a torn left medial IMG_1626nmeniscus and didn’t think any physical therapy would help. His verdict was I have three options: 1) take up to three Ibuprofen per day four times a day to relieve the swelling and reduce the pain 2) have him remove the swelling by removing the fluid and injecting it with some cortisone 3) get orthoscopic surgery to have the meniscus smoothed out again.  He didn’t think footwear would make a difference. 

I do believe that the meniscus is torn, but do not think the pain is great enough to start in on any treatment at this point, but I am an active guy and may well rue the day I decided not to get surgery before the gillnetting season.

What I find interesting is that only one knee is bothering me.  Why not both knees?  I don’t remember ever having any sort of catastrophic injury on that knee.

Mark is sicker than a dog…

Mark was sick all day yesterday, throwing up regularly, I hear.  He vomitted once while I was home–blueberries.  From across the room, in the bottom of the pan, they actually looked kind of good…

Let’s not think about that.

I got a new HD in the mail yesterday.  It’s the new 750 GB seagate drive–so far, I have no complaints at all and would highly recommend it to anyone needing gobs of storage.  It initialized and formatted with no problems.  I formatted it using NTFS, which is by far my favorite file system, as it is much easier to recover files from and also is much quicker to defrag than FAT or FAT32.

Since my computer has an ExpressCard slot instead of the misnamed legacy PCMCIA slot of yesteryear, I had to get some new peripherals so I got to expresscard adapters.  One came in the mail yesterday and is a two port eSATA adapter which allows speeds much faster than USB 2.0.  I moved 54 gigs over to the drive in about two hours and five minutes using ACDSee, which is not a good way to test the raw speed, since the thumbs are being created simultaneously, I believe.

The external case I go for the drive was an Azio eSATA + USB 2.0 Aluminum housing which, SO FAR, I can freely recommend.  In the package was included the AC-adapter, a nice flexible USB 2.0 cable, and also a thick two ended eSATA cable that seems to have sheilding built in.  The eSATA connectors seem a bit more robust than either firewire or USB cables: and that’s a good thing.  I bought the package on ebay for $320 with shipping.

Holly wanted me to stay home and help with the boys so I wasn’t able to go to church choir practice.